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Let's Not Be Judgemental

Got this post off of another blog...but I thought that it would fit the MINDGARDEN!

Every day , every Hour , Every 5-10 minutes , we come in contact with various people , our own family members , friends , business contacts , friends , relatives , known , unknown , competitors , rivals , in-laws , the list is truly end-less.

What happens when one human being get connected to the other. Let me talk about me - myself. When I meet anybody - I immediately relate his face , his voice , his outlook , appearance to some images stored in my mind-memory. I try to find out which of my experience matches or near matches to his voice / looks , way of talking etc etc. Once I get a best possible match , I label him : This fellow is like this , that , and what happens further is that I DECIDE my actions , I plan my behaviour accordingly.

And this whole thing happens in what time ? In some seconds.

But , there is a bad news . Whatever I have thought about him can be entirely untrue , it can all go against my perceptions. So , what should I do , rather what I do ?- I have first decided to become non judgemental about anybody. How to do this. I do not ask him about his native place , where he belongs , as far as possible I even try not to know his surname , his caste etc. This stops my mind from further enquirying about the data stored in my memory bank & keeps my mind free from decision making.

In a fraction of a second , we make millions of decisions. Let the mind stop from it for some time!


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