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Prepare to live an amazing life.

If you could trust a stranger with your life, would you? If i walked up right now to you and told you that i could show you something, something that would take some time, some self-practice, and exploration, and a belief in yourself, and nothing else, but in return i would give you a real chance to change your entire life into the best version that it could be, would you walk away without taking a peek?

A friend of mine on lj gave me a link to a video, which is the online version of the secret, the book that was on oprah. I had seen the book, and i believed it, but i did not work with it that much. Then i practiced it some, i saw the video, and i was so very inspired.
And life became magical, easy, beautiful, wonderful, relaxed, stress free, inspiring, amazing, and then i thought to myself.
I want to teach other people this, or direct them to the best resource i found from someone else so they too could experience this.
Then there's resistance, i wanted to teach this to my parents, then i thought, no, maybe they won't like it, and then i said, who cares, if i can teach them this, especially to my father, then he'll experience a life as energetic as carefree and as happy as i have.

And then i thought, i want to inspire others, and i had that same resistance. And i sent them an email - which i'll include below because i thought, if you cannot share with the people you love most something that has completely redirected your life, from misery to excessive happiness, and if you can't do that, then what is the point of living.

Later, i was inspired, if i did this with friends, why not to complete strangers, why not to the world. I don't have to spam every persons email in the world, just to touch people in a large community of people and see if in a short period of time they have inspiring stories.
And so i decided, to share this website, my email, and if you like in the future, tips of what has worked with me.

I have had amazing experiences, i feel like i've been touched by god or have that connection, and i'm not religious.
I feel happy, energetic, and i believe everyone who reads this, watches the video, and practices and experiments with what the video says can also achieve a revolution in their life.

It gives me great pleasure to write you this and yes, it will be different.

I'm writing to you because something amazing has happened to me, and you are one of the first people i thought of that i wanted to share it with.

You already have experienced this,
And i want to help you keep it up 100% of the time.

Here, go to this website, watch the movie, try out the suggestions, really try them and experiment with them, ask me for tips if it isn't working for you.
And prepare to be amazed and to live an absolutely magical life, for the rest of your life.

To make it work, you have to do several things.
The first is basically to raise your energy level consciously. That means, make yourself extremely happy, grateful, if you are having a bad day, thank the world for something, be it your heart, amazing art work, your family, friends, shoes, anything and everything!
I do that everytime i wake up.
And hold that happiness in your heart and let it grow and be completely positive.
Be nice and bless everyone, how you treat others probably determines your energy level (but you already are nice so you shouldn't have a problem.

Then, think about what you want.
Be it money, love, or a parking spot.

Visualize what you want and hold that image in your mind for a moment.

Ask for it, tell to the universe out loud or in your mind, I am grateful for receiving ___________ - or thank you universe/god for bringing this to me.

Let the universe worry about how it will get the specific something to you, just be happy, grateful, and receptive to getting it.
If you ask for perfect love, and then always mention to your friends, i'm so bad in relationships, it won't come true, so you have to kindof watch your words.
If you ask for something, you'll attract it as much as if you asked for something not to happen.
I don't want a car crash = car crash
I want to arrive home safely = arrive home safely...

I think i covered the basics,
and believe me, i've been completely different, energized, happy, off the wall happy, and so many amazing things have happened to me.
As i hope they will happen to you.
Dream, ask, receive, love life.

Oh, by the way, you can ask for things as they are happening or need something done - i.e, thank you for helping me find the clothespins i need (i found them right away and i didn't know they'd be there. - Or, let my mom be happy about how well the telephone call went,...
play around with it, you'll have fun, and spread it to others after you make it work.

This is about being an energized person, of bringing good to your world, and to the rest of your world. By being happy, nice, and inspiring to others, we make the world a better place. Personal experiences so far have included working hard and loving it, being loving to my family, being worry and stress free, being inspired, getting life's events to line up positively, and healing emotional wounds.
I'm a better person for this, and i look forward to seeing more of you on this ride of life with me.

You have everything to gain
With best wishes, blessings and love

I used to be an observer and note taker. If i found something interesting i'd try it and most of the time i would just note it down without passing it down. I thought about doing that too with the secret and the video of it i found online...
and then i saw the amazing changes in my life.
And i decided, why? Why hide? If you don't like it, maybe you'll say nothing, maybe something, or maybe you'll thank me for directing you to a source that was able to improve your life. I want to inspire the world, like the world has inspired me. I don't have to invent something new, something original, i just have to direct people to the same thing that amazed and inspired me and has made me happy.
And see if more of the same happiness fires start in other people's lives.

Oh, by the way, after i learned how to do this, all of this i accomplished in the last week, consistantly.
I thought to myself, if i've felt this way for 7 days, how will i feel about it for 7 weeks, 7 months, 7 years, or even 70 years.
And i said, i look forward to it. Really try it, it will be the best choice you ever made.
Love you, bless you, whoever you are, prepare for one wild exciting ride.
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